Goal:  How to copy activities to another project while maintaining their WBS structure in the new schedule.

  1. Open both the source and destination projects.
  2. Select, Project, WBS
  3. Highlight the WBS level(s) which contain the activities and lower WBS levels which are to be copied to the second project.
  4. Select, Edit, Copy.
  5. Move the cursor to the desired WBS location within the destination project.
  6. Select, Edit, Paste.
  7. The following screen with the ‘Copy WBS Options’ will be displayed:
    • copyingActivitiesToAnotherProjectWhileMaintainingWbsStructure_part1
  8. Ensure that ‘Activities’ is ticked and hit ‘OK’
  9. A second ‘Copy Activity Options’ screen will appear:
    • copyingActivitiesToAnotherProjectWhileMaintainingWbsStructure_part2
  10. Select the relevant options as needed.

The WBS structure and the associated activities will be pasted into the new project.

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