During the course of implementing Oracle’s® PrimaveraTM P6, one of the most overlooked aspects of the implementation is the handover of P6 administration from the implementer to the end-user. Prior to the implementation handover, thought must be given as to who will be performing, and how the Primavera P6 environment and the data contained therein, will be managed throughout its lifecycle. One specific item to note is there is always a gray area between the administration of P6 from a Systems Administration and P6 Application Administration standpoint.

There is going to always be ‘care and feeding’ required for the P6 environment; its users, and data with some tasks being more common than others:

  • Managing P6 Users, Security, and Licensing.
  • Configuration control of coding structures, resource/role pools, calendars, Enterprise Project Structure (EPS)/Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS), Security Profiles, and settings that are standards and global in nature.
  • If no help desk support function is available the Primavera Admin is typically the first responder to user issues and questions. He or she is “The P6 Subject Matter Expert”.
  • Provides desk-side mentoring of new users as required.
  • Monitoring data and ecological integrity and standard archiving/backupprocesses.
  • Point of Contact to IT (System and Database Administrators).
  • Typically administrator of the company ‘Oracle Customer Support Identifier’ and point of contact for Primavera Help Desk Service Requests via the MyOracleSupport.com website.References:

My Oracle Support: https://support.oracle.com

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