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Course Topics

Session 01: User and Admin Preferences

  • Review and adjust specific user and admin preferences to provide an in-depth understanding of how they can affect scheduling

Session 02: Duration and Percent Complete Types

  • Hands on review of how activity Duration Type affects schedule calculations
  • Hands on review of how activity Percent Complete Type affects schedule calculations, specifically around earned value reporting
  • Review common default project settings

Session 03: Utilizing P6 Cost Accounts

  • Cost Accounts Relationship to Earned Value Reporting
  • Example Utilizing All Earned Value Components
  • Cost Account Structure in P6
  • Create a Cost Account Structure
  • Assigning Cost Accounts to activity Resource Assignments or Expense Assignments

Session 04: Importing and Exporting

  • P6 XER file import and Export
  • Excel Import and Export
  • Exporting and Importing Layouts and Reports

Session 05: Utilizing Cost

  • Understand how the Resource Type affects units, cost, and earned value field calculations
  • Apply hourly rates to labor, non-labor, and material resources
  • Add expense items with cost
  • View the overall costs for a P6 project file

Session 06: Allocating Resources

  • Setting Up the Resource Assignments View Layout
  • Apply Budgets and Assign Cost Accounts in the Assignments View
  • Changing Resources on Assignments

Session 07: Resource Leveling

  • Leveling Concepts
  • P6 Leveling Settings
  • Activity Leveling Priorities
  • Creating Shift Calendars
  • Setting the Resource Limits (Max Units/Time)
  • Adjust Resource Limits (Max Units/Time)
  • View and Print a Resource Profile Summary

Session 08: Advanced Scheduling Concepts

  • Adding Contingency to a Schedule
  • Retained Logic and Progress Override
  • Calendar Effect on Relationship Lag Assignments
  • Calculating Multiple Float Paths

Session 09: User Defined Fields and Global Change

  • Define and Create User Defined Fields
  • Understanding the Global Change Functionality
  • Create and Apply a Global Changes

Session 10: Change Control and Baseline Updates

  • Use a P6 Staging Project for Pending Changes
  • Performing “What-If” Schedule Analysis
  • Apply Approved Changes to a Project
  • Baseline Updates with Schedule Changes

Session 11: Reflection Projects

  • Understand Reflection Projects
  • The Common uses for Reflection Projects
  • Create, Edit, and Merge a Reflection Project
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