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Section 01: Review

• Briefly review items covered in the basic class

Section 02: Cost Reports

• Discuss what each header on the Cost Report represents and how it is determined or calculated
• Discuss other data that is tracked on the Cost Report

Section 03: Baseline Budget Curve

• Discuss the purpose of baselining
• Building a Curve

Section 04: Change Management

• Discuss the purpose of Change Management
• Discuss how cost changes are determined and how they are communicated to the Cost Group
• Update Cost Report to reflect Change Work Requests

Section 05: Forecasting

• Discuss type of Contracts
• Discuss methods for forecasting
• Update Forecast Curve
• Create Monthly forecast file for Accounting

Section 06: Deliverables to Management

• Discuss typical deliverables
• Create a Management Report

Section 07: Accruals

• Discuss the purpose of Accruals
• Create Accruals file for Accounting

Section 08: Allocating to Projects

• Discuss situations in which allocation to projects is necessary or required
• Create Allocation Percentages
• Create a monthly allocation file for Accounting

Section 09: Closeout

• Discuss responsibilities during closeout
• Discuss considerations during invoice reconciliation.
• Reconcile an Invoice
• Create PO Closeout Report

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