P6 Basic Turnaround Scheduling


This Basic Turnaround Scheduling course is designed for individuals that have no Turnaround experience utilizing the P6 application. Students will gain a thorough understanding of how to build schedules required to meet today’s turnaround industry. You will apply hands-on training in the P6 software with real time turnaround schedulers guiding you through the process. You will walk away with a good comprehension of how the process is broken down into individual components, culminating into a resource loaded execution schedule.

Duration: 2 Days
Price: $975
July 9, 202408:00 AM (Day)Baytown, TXRegister
August 13, 202408:00 AM (Day)Baytown, TXRegister
September 10, 202408:00 AM (Day)Baytown, TXRegister